Please, what is -frac{4}{2} in its simplest form??

asked 2021-02-19
Please, what is \(\displaystyle-{\frac{{{4}}}{{{2}}}}\) in its simplest form??

Answers (1)

Remember that a fraction is equivalent to division. That is, the fraction a/b is equivalent to a÷b.
Therefore, \(\displaystyle-{\frac{{{4}}}{{{2}}}}\) is equivalent to -4÷2.
The quotient of two numbers with opposite signs is negative and the quotient of two numbers with the same sign is positive.
Since −4 and 2 have opposite signs, then −4÷2 will equal a negative number.
Since \(\displaystyle{4}÷{2}={2}\), then \(\displaystyle−{4}÷{2}=−{2}\)

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