Express 2×10^{−4} in standard notation

Algebra foundations
asked 2020-12-03
Express \(\displaystyle{2}×{10}^{{−{4}}}\) in standard notation

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Scientific notation is of the form a\times 10^{b}. The value of bb tells you how many places and in what direction the decimal point of aa needs to be moved to convert the number to standard notation. If b<0b<0, then you need to move the decimal point to the left. If b>0b>0, you need to move the decimal point to the right.
For \(\displaystyle{2}×{10}^{{−{4}}}\), we have b=−4. Since −4
Therefore \(\displaystyle{2}\times{10}^{{−{4}}}={0.0002}\)

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