Suppose that |G| = 24 and that G is cyclic. If a8 e and a12 e, show that = G.

Suppose that |G| = 24 and that G is cyclic. If a8 e and a12 e, show that = G.

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asked 2020-12-25
Suppose that |G| = 24 and that G is cyclic. If a8 e and a12 e, show that = G.

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Given that G is a cyclic group of order 24 and a,b∈G has order 8 and 12, respectively. Now to show G=⟨ab⟩. Since, G is cyclic, so it is abelian, So aa commutes with b. Therefore, order of ab= lcm(order of a, order of b)= lcm(8,12)=24. Therefore, G=⟨ab⟩.

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Let g be an element of a group G. If \(|G|\) is finite and even, show that \(g \neq 1\) in G exists such that \(g^2 = 1\)

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The bulk density of soil is defined as the mass of dry solidsper unit bulk volume. A high bulk density implies a compact soilwith few pores. Bulk density is an important factor in influencing root development, seedling emergence, and aeration. Let X denotethe bulk density of Pima clay loam. Studies show that X is normally distributed with \(\displaystyle\mu={1.5}\) and \(\displaystyle\sigma={0.2}\frac{{g}}{{c}}{m}^{{3}}\).
(a) What is thedensity for X? Sketch a graph of the density function. Indicate onthis graph the probability that X lies between 1.1 and 1.9. Findthis probability.
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Mg reacts with H+ (aq) according to
Suppose that 0.524 g of Mg is reacted with 60.o ml of 1.0 M H+(aq). Assume that the density of the H+ (aq) solution os 1.00 g/ml,and that its specific heat capacity equals that of water. Theinitial and final temperatures are 22.0 degree celsius and 65.8degree celsius.
a) Is the reaction endothermic or exothermic?
b) Calculate \(\displaystyle\triangle{H}\) of of th reaction. Use correct sigs andgive units.
c) Calculate the \(\displaystyle\triangle{H}\) of the reaction per mole of magnesium.
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Suppose electrons enter the uniform electric field midwaybetween two plates, moving at an upward 45 degree angle as shown.What maximum speed can the electrons have if they are to avoidstriking the upper plate. Ignore fringing of the field. Upper plate is negatively charged bottom plate is positivelycharged length of plate is 6cm and distance from top of top plateto bottom of bottom plate is 1cm.
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The Kroger Company is one of the largest grocery retailers in the United States, with over 2000 grocery stores across the country. Kroger uses an online customer opinion questionnaire to obtain performance data about its products and services and learn about what motivates its customers (Kroger website, April 2012). In the survey, Kroger customers were asked if they would be willing to pay more for products that had each of the following four characteristics.
The four questions were: Would you pay more for:
products that have a brand name?
products that are environmentally friendly?
products that are organic?
products that have been recommended by others?
For each question, the customers had the option of responding Yes if they would pay more or No if they would not pay more.
a. Are the data collected by Kroger in this example categorical or quantitative?
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A race car enters a flat 200 m radius curve at a speed of 20 m/swhile increasing its speed at a constant 2 m/s2. If the coefficient of static friction is .700, what will the speed of thecar be when the car beings to slide?
A) 24.3 m/s
B) 31.5 m/s
C) 37.1 m/s
D) 36.2 m/s
E) 28.7 m/s
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Identify the type of data that would be used to describe a response.
Most Watched Television Show
Quantitative - Continuous
Qualitative (Categorical)
Quantitative - Discrete
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A wallstreet journal subcriber survey asked 46 questions about subcribers characteristics and interest. State whether each of the following questions provides categorical or quantitative data.
a. What is your age?
b. Are you male or females?
c. When did you first start reading the WSJ? High school , college, early career, midcareer, late career, or retirement?
d. How long have you been in your present job or position?
e. What type of vehicle are you considering for you next purchase? Nine response categories include sedan, sports car, SUV, minivan, and so on.
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Your can dissolve an aluminum soft drink can in an(aq) base such as potassium hydroxide.
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