A computer repair technician charges $50 per visit plus $30/h for house calls. a) Write an algebraic expression that describes the service charge for one household visit. b) Use your expression to find the total service charge for a 2.5-h repair job.

Algebra foundations
asked 2021-01-02
A computer repair technician charges $50 per visit plus $30/h for house calls.
a) Write an algebraic expression that describes the service charge for one household visit.
b) Use your expression to find the total service charge for a 2.5-h repair job.

Answers (1)

a) Let x be the number of hours. The total charge is $50, plus $30/h times the number of hours:
b)Substitute x=2.5 to the expression in part a:
So, the total service charge is $125.

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