A farmer has a vegetable garden which is 35 feet wide by 80 feet long. The farmer wishes to divide the garden equally between tomatoes, peppers, and cabbage. However, the farmer would like to keep a one-foot border around the garden free for a fence. How many square feet can be used for the tomato planting?

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asked 2020-11-07
A farmer has a vegetable garden which is 35 feet wide by 80 feet long. The farmer wishes to divide the garden equally between tomatoes, peppers, and cabbage. However, the farmer would like to keep a one-foot border around the garden free for a fence. How many square feet can be used for the tomato planting?

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Lenght of garden = 80 feet
width of garden = 35 feet
farmer would leki to keep a one foot boarder around the garden.
Lenght for planting vegetable=80-2=78 feet
width for planting vegetable=35-2=33 feet
Area for planting veletable=78*33=2574 square feet
Farmer divide the garden equally between tomatoes, peppers and cabbage. Therefore area for planting the tomatoes = \(\displaystyle\frac{{1}}{{3}}\cdot{2574}={858}\) square feet.
Hence 858 square feet can be used for the tomato planting

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asked 2021-02-25
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