A concert promoter produces two kinds of souvenir shirt, one kind sells for $18 ad the other for $25. The company determines, the total cost, in thous

Multivariable functions
asked 2021-01-05
A concert promoter produces two kinds of souvenir shirt, one kind sells for $18 ad the other for $25. The company determines, the total cost, in thousands of dollars, of producting x thousand of the $18 shirt and y thousand of the $25 shirt is given by
How many of each type of shirt must be produced and sold in order to maximize profit?

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Revenue function
Profit function
First we will find the critical point. Now,
And \(\displaystyle{P}_{{x}}{\left({x},{y}\right)}={0}\)
x=2 (i)
So, y=x+1
y=2 (ii)
Hence, the critical point is (2,3)
Since \(\displaystyle{f}_{{\times}},{f}_{{{y}{y}}},{\quad\text{and}\quad}{f}_{{{x}{y}}}\) all are constant so we will need to pkug critical point to function
Since, D>0, and \(\displaystyle{f}_{{\times}}{<}{0}\)</span>
The critical point P(2,3) has a relative maximum.
And the maximum value of profit function
The maximum profit of $19000 will be earned if 2000 shirt of $18 and 3000 shirts of $25 are produced and sold.
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