What id the circumference of the circle? use 22/7 for pi, r=21 cm

What id the circumference of the circle? use 22/7 for pi, r=21 cm

Analytic geometry
asked 2021-01-22
What id the circumference of the circle? use \(\displaystyle\frac{{22}}{{7}}\) for \(\displaystyle\pi,{r}={21}\) cm

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Similar to circle sphere is a two dimensional space where the set of points that are at the same distance r from a given point in a three dimensional space. In analytical geometry with a center and radius is the locus of all points is called sphere.
The distance around a circle is called its circumference.The circumference of the circle is \(\displaystyle{C}={2}\pi{r}\)
Taking \(\displaystyle\pi\stackrel{\sim}{=}\frac{{22}}{{7}}\)
The object is to find the circumference for the given circle as follows. The radius of the circle is r=21
Then the circumference of the circle is,
C=132 cm.
So the circumference of the circle is approximately 132 cm.

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