Trace the curve y = x / (x-1)(x+3)

Analytic geometry
asked 2021-03-11
Trace the curve \(\displaystyle{y}=\frac{{x}}{{{x}-{1}}}{\left({x}+{3}\right)}\)

Answers (1)


We find the x-intercept of the curve
For y=o we have \(\displaystyle={0}\frac{{x}}{{{\left({x}-{1}\right)}{\left({x}+{3}\right)}}}\Rightarrow{x}={0}\)
\(\displaystyle\therefore\) The curve touches at the point (0,0)
ext we find y-intercept of the curve
For x=0 we have y=0
\(\displaystyle\therefore\) The curve touches the point (0)
Now, the vertical asymptotes of the curve are
\(\displaystyle{x}+{3}={0}\Rightarrow{x}=-{3}\) image


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