You have been asked to bake the birthday cake of a little girl who is about to turn three. When looking up suggestions online on how to bake this cake

asked 2021-01-24
You have been asked to bake the birthday cake of a little girl who is about to turn three. When looking up suggestions online on how to bake this cake, you found that most everyone suggests baking the cake in smaller circular cake pans that have a diameter of 6 inches. That’s the best way to get the height for the unicorn head. A normal circular cake pan (and the only kind you have) has a diameter of 9 inches. You need to buy cake pans. As an experienced baker, you know that the recipe you are planning on using usually fills two regular (9-inch) cake pans, with a little room to spare. How many 6-inch pans do you need to buy? (We’re going to assume that all cake pans are the same height.)

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Volume of 9-inch cake pan: Let the height of the 9-inch cake pan =x. The formula to calculate the volume of a cake pan, \(V= \pi r^2h\), where h is the height of the pan. Therefore, the volume of the 9-inch cake pan, \(V= 9x\pi\). This implies the 9 inch cake pan can hold 9xπ litres of cake batter. Volume of 6-inch cake pan: Assume that all cake pans are the same height. Then the height of the 6-inch cake pan =x. The volume of the 6-inch cake pan, \(V= 6x\pi\). This implies the 6 inch cake pan can hold 6xπ litres of cake batter. Given that the recipe fills two 9 inch cake pans. Say, the recipe yields y litres of cake batter. Then, \(y=2(9x\pi)\)To find the number of cake pans to be bought: Let the number of cake pans to be bought =n. Then, we need to find n such that,\(y=n(6x\pi) 2(9x\pi)=n(6x\pi) 18x\pi=n(6x\pi) n=\frac{18}{6} n=3\)

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A 5 kg block is moved up a 30 degree incline by a force of 50 N, parallel to the incline. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the incline is .25. How much work is done by the 50 N force in moving the block a distance of 10 meters? What is the total workdone on the block over the same distance?
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The dominant form of drag experienced by vehicles (bikes, cars,planes, etc.) at operating speeds is called form drag. Itincreases quadratically with velocity (essentially because theamount of air you run into increase with v and so does the amount of force you must exert on each small volume of air). Thus
where A is the cross-sectional area of the vehicle and \(\displaystyle{C}_{{d}}\) is called the coefficient of drag.
Part A:
Consider a vehicle moving with constant velocity \(\displaystyle\vec{{{v}}}\). Find the power dissipated by form drag.
Express your answer in terms of \(\displaystyle{C}_{{d}},{A},\) and speed v.
Part B:
A certain car has an engine that provides a maximum power \(\displaystyle{P}_{{0}}\). Suppose that the maximum speed of thee car, \(\displaystyle{v}_{{0}}\), is limited by a drag force proportional to the square of the speed (as in the previous part). The car engine is now modified, so that the new power \(\displaystyle{P}_{{1}}\) is 10 percent greater than the original power (\(\displaystyle{P}_{{1}}={110}\%{P}_{{0}}\)).
Assume the following:
The top speed is limited by air drag.
The magnitude of the force of air drag at these speeds is proportional to the square of the speed.
By what percentage, \(\displaystyle{\frac{{{v}_{{1}}-{v}_{{0}}}}{{{v}_{{0}}}}}\), is the top speed of the car increased?
Express the percent increase in top speed numerically to two significant figures.
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4.7 A multiprocessor with eight processors has 20attached tape drives. There is a large number of jobs submitted tothe system that each require a maximum of four tape drives tocomplete execution. Assume that each job starts running with onlythree tape drives for a long period before requiring the fourthtape drive for a short period toward the end of its operation. Alsoassume an endless supply of such jobs.
a) Assume the scheduler in the OS will not start a job unlessthere are four tape drives available. When a job is started, fourdrives are assigned immediately and are not released until the jobfinishes. What is the maximum number of jobs that can be inprogress at once? What is the maximum and minimum number of tapedrives that may be left idle as a result of this policy?
b) Suggest an alternative policy to improve tape driveutilization and at the same time avoid system deadlock. What is themaximum number of jobs that can be in progress at once? What arethe bounds on the number of idling tape drives?
asked 2021-05-08
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1. Who seems to have more variability in their shoe sizes, men or women?
a) Men
b) Women
c) Neither group show variability
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2. In general, why use the estimate of \(n-1\) rather than n in the computation of the standard deviation and variance?
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c) \(n-1\) provides an unbiased estimate of the population and allows more variability when using a sample and gives a better mathematical estimate of the population
d) The estimate n-1 is better because it is use for calculation of both the population and sample variance as well as standard deviation.
\(\begin{array}{|c|c|}\hline \text{Shoe Size (in cm)} & \text{Gender (M of F)} \\ \hline 25.7 & M \\ \hline 25.4 & F \\ \hline 23.8 & F \\ \hline 25.4 & F \\ \hline 26.7 & M \\ \hline 23.8 & F \\ \hline 25.4 & F \\ \hline 25.4 & F \\ \hline 25.7 & M \\ \hline 25.7 & F \\ \hline 23.5 & F \\ \hline 23.1 & F \\ \hline 26 & M \\ \hline 23.5 & F \\ \hline 26.7 & F \\ \hline 26 & M \\ \hline 23.1 & F \\ \hline 25.1 & F \\ \hline 27 & M \\ \hline 25.4 & F \\ \hline 23.5 & F \\ \hline 23.8 & F \\ \hline 27 & M \\ \hline 25.7 & F \\ \hline \end{array}\)
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