Write standart form of complex number 5(cos135^@+isin135^@)

Complex numbers
asked 2021-01-07
Write standart form of complex number \(\displaystyle{5}{\left({{\cos{{135}}}^{\circ}+}{i}{\sin{{135}}}^{\circ}\right)}\)

Answers (1)

Standart form of complex number, \(\displaystyle{z}={r}{\left({\cos{\theta}}+{i}{\sin{\theta}}\right)}\), is z = a+ib
Calculate the values of cosine and sine,
Substitute the values od cosine and sine in \(\displaystyle{z}={5}{\left({{\cos{{135}}}^{\circ}+}{i}{\sin{{135}}}^{\circ}\right)},\)
Rationalise the complex number, \(\displaystyle{z}=-\frac{{5}}{\sqrt{{2}}}+\frac{{t}}{\sqrt{{2}}}{i},{z}=-\frac{{{5}\sqrt{{2}}}}{{2}}+\frac{{{5}\sqrt{{2}}}}{{2}}{i}\)

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