log10^x = 2a and log10^y = b/2 write 10^a in terms of x

log10^x = 2a and log10^y = b/2 write 10^a in terms of x

asked 2021-02-01
\(\displaystyle{{\log{{10}}}^{{x}}=}{2}{a}{\quad\text{and}\quad}{{\log{{10}}}^{{y}}=}\frac{{b}}{{2}}\) write \(\displaystyle{10}^{{a}}\) in terms of x

Answers (1)

so you havr \(\displaystyle{\log{{10}}}{\left({10}^{{x}}\right)}={2}{a}\)
if so, you have x=2a or a=x/2ZSK
\(\displaystyle{\log{{10}}}{\left({10}^{{y}}\right)}=\frac{{b}}{{2}}\) become \(\displaystyle{y}=\frac{{b}}{{2}}\) or b=2*y

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