1)A rewiew of voted registration record in a small town yielded the dollowing data of the number of males and females registered as Democrat,

OlmekinjP 2020-11-07 Answered

1)A rewiew of voted registration record in a small town yielded the dollowing data of the number of males and females registered as Democrat, Republican, or some other affilation:


What proportion of all voters is male and registered as a Democrat? 2)A survey was conducted invocted involving 303 subject concerning their preferences with respect to the size of car thay would consider purchasing. The following table shows the count of the responses by gender of the respondents:

Size of CarGenderSmallMediumlangeTotalFemale586317138Male796125165Total13712442303

the data are to be summarized by constructing marginal distributions. In the marginal distributio for car size, the entry for mediums car is ?

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Answered 2020-11-08 Author has 118 answers

1) Given data table , GenderAffiliationMaleFemaleTotalDemocrat300600900Republican500300800Other200100300Total100010002000 Number of all voters male and registered as a democrat x = 300 Total voters = n = 2000 Proportion of all voters is male and registered as democrat is , xn=3002000=0.15

2) Given data table, Size of CarGenderSmallMediumlangeTotalFemale586317138Male796125165Total13712442303 The marginal distribution of car size, Size of carsmallmediumlargetotalProbability137303=0.452124303=0.40942303=0.1371 In the marginal distribution for car size, the entry for medium cars is 0.409

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