Graph each polynomial function.f(x)=x^{3}+2x^{2}-5x-6

Polynomial graphs
asked 2020-12-02
Graph each polynomial function.\(\displaystyle{f{{\left({x}\right)}}}={x}^{{{3}}}+{2}{x}^{{{2}}}-{5}{x}-{6}\)

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asked 2021-01-25
Using calculus, it can be shown that the secant function can be approximated by the polynomial \(\displaystyle{\sec{{x}}}\approx{1}+{\frac{{{x}^{{{2}}}}}{{{2}!}}}+{\frac{{{5}{x}^{{{4}}}}}{{{4}!}}}\) where x is in radians. Use a graphing utility to graph the secant function and its polynomial approximation in the same viewing window. How do the graphs compare?