Describe the basic steps that engineers follow to design something.

coexpennan 2020-12-02 Answered
Describe the basic steps that engineers follow to design something.
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Step 1: The basic steps are Solution : The basic steps that engineers follow to design something 1. Design: The process of originating and developing a plan for a new object. This requires research , thought, modeling, interactive adjustment and re-design. 2. Identify the problem: Understand the scope and nature of the problem. Identify the correct issues and background of the problem. 3. Define working Criteria and goals: Establish primary Goals. Develop the working Criteria to compare the possible solutions i.e specification, constraints. 4.Research and gather Data: Stay consistence with working criteria while researching. Use resources to help the research including internet ,library newspaper. 5.Brainstorm and generate creative ideas: Develop as many as creative ideas as possible. No idea is a bad idea . Documents all ideas. If time permitted , hold a second session to give people time to consider additional option. Step 2: other steps 6. Analyze potential Solution: Eliminate duplicate ideas. Clarify ideas. Select ideas to analyze in more detail (qualitative analysis , Quantitative analysis, Democratic analysis) 7. Develop and Test Models: Develop models for the selected solution. If none of the solutions are ideal, return to stage 5 and 6 8.Make the Decision: Evaluate the results of testing to determine the solution to use. 9. Communicate and Specify: Document the design specification and measurement and communicate to all groups. 10. Implement and Commercialize: All groups should agree on the proposed project, including management, technical, and legal support representative. 11. Post-Implementation review and assessment: Reviews the products performance .Make suggestion for the future improvements.
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