Give the correct answer and solve givena.

djeljenike 2021-01-06 Answered

Give the correct answer and solve given
a. Test for a difference in the means in the two populations using an [α=.05ttest.]
b. Place a 95% confidence interval on the difference in the means of the two populations.
c. Compare the inferences obtained from the results from the Wilcoxon rank sum test and the -test.
d. Which inferences appear to be more valid, inferences on the means or the medians?

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Answered 2021-01-07 Author has 102 answers

[x1 =  ξn1 = 5.0625, n1 = 8(pop A)x2 =  ξn2 = 4.2, n2=8(pop (B))
H0: μ1  μ2 = 0
H1: μ1  μ2 q 0
81 = 0.04926
82 = 0.5757
Sp=Pd S.D.
Sp = (n11)812+(821)s22n1+n22
Sp = 8(2427)+8(3314)14
Sp = 0.57246
Test statistic(x) = x1  x2Sp 1n1 + 1n2
=5.0625  4.20.5724618 + 18 = 3.01
Critical value = ± Z0.51 = ± Z0.52 = ± 1.96
Test statistic > critical value Reject H0
Population Means are diguficantly different
95% Confidence Interval:
μ1  μ2 (z1  z2 ± zk2  Sp1n1 + 1n2)
μ1  μ2 (0.8625 ± 0.561)
μ1  μ2 (0.3015 , 1.4235)

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