lim cos 2x

2022-03-18 Answered

lim cos 2x

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A 292 kg motorcycle is accelerating up along a ramp that is inclined 30.0° above the horizontal. The propulsion force pushing the motorcycle up the rampis 3020 N, and air resistance produces a force of 250 N that opposes the motion. Find the magnitude of the motorcycles

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In a truck-loading station at a post office, a small 0.200-kg package is released from rest a point A on a track that is one quarter of a circle with radius 1.60 m.The size of the packageis much less than 1.60m, so the package can be treated at aparticle. It slides down the track and reaches point B with a speed of 4.80 m/s. From point B, it slides on a level surface a distanceof 3.00 m to point C, where is comes to rest. 
(a) What is the coefficient of kinetic friction on the horizontal surface? 
(b) How much work is done on the package by friction as it slides down the circular arc from A to B?

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Find the point on the plane x+2y+3z=13 that is closest to the point (1,1,1). How would you minimize the function?

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Simultaneous Equations Finding the Intersection of a Cubic and a Quadratic
My functions are
By using simultaneous equations and equating the functions to one another I've simplified it to the point where:
This had me stuck for a while but when I looked it up online I found I could use the Newton - Raphson Method to solve it.
I got the intercepts: x=2.85281,x=10.98682,x=11.03536
And although this helped me greatly, for the assignment I'm doing I won't be marked on using that method as we haven't been taught it and it's not on the criteria.
I'm just wondering if there is another method I can use that would get the same results.
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If A , B , C R and cos ( A B ) + cos ( B C ) + cos ( C A ) = 3 2 , , Then
cos 3 ( θ + A ) cos ( θ + A ) , , Where θ R
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Answer the following True or False questions, explaining your reasoning in terms of the laws of thermodynamics where appropriate: (a) The quantities U, H, A, and G all have the same dimensions (i.e. expressed in the same units). (b) A(TS) = (AT)S+TAS. (c) The chemical potential µ¡ of a component i is a state function. d) The chemical potential of benzene must equal the chemical potential of toluene in a benzene-toluene mixture.

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