To find: the distance between the lakes to the nearest mile. Given: (26,15) and (9,20)

To find: the distance between the lakes to the nearest mile. Given: (26,15) and (9,20)

Alternate coordinate systems
asked 2021-01-23
To find: the distance between the lakes to the nearest mile.
(26,15) and (9,20)

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Formula used:
The distance between the points are calculated as
Let the two lakes be at the points F and E respectively.
The coordinates are
Apply distance formula by keeping the values of two coordinates
Or, \(\displaystyle{d}=\sqrt{{{\left({17}\right)}^{2}+{\left(-{5}\right)}^{2}}}\)
Or, \(\displaystyle{d}=\sqrt{{{289}+{25}}}\)
Or, \(\displaystyle{d}=\pm\sqrt{{314}}\)
Or, \(\displaystyle{d}=\sqrt{{314}}\) (distance can't be negative so omit the negative root found)
Reduse the solution to decimals
\(\displaystyle{d}={17.7}\) units
2 units on coordinate scale is equivalent to 1 mile in actual measurements.
Thus, for 17.7 units in coordinates systems
The actual distance will be equal to
\(\displaystyle{\left(\frac{1}{{2}}\right)}{17.7}={8.86}\) miles
Thus, the distance between the lakes to the nearest mile is 8.86 miles


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