1:Find the determinant of the following mattrix [((2,-1,-6)),((-3,0,5)),((4,3,0))] 2: If told that matrix A is singular Matrix find the possible value(s) for x A = { (16x, 4x),(x,9):}

Matrix transformations
asked 2021-02-06
1:Find the determinant of the following mattrix \([((2,-1,-6)),((-3,0,5)),((4,3,0))]\) 2: If told that matrix A is singular Matrix find the possible value(s) for x \(A = { (16x, 4x),(x,9):}\)

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As discussed above determinant of \(A=2(0-3*5)-(-1)[-3*0-4*5]+(-6)[-3*3-4*0]\)
Hence, he determinant of the given matrix=4
We know when the matrix is single determinant is zero
Calculating the determinant of A
Now, put |A|=0
Hence, x=-6 or x=6

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