The local cafe uses 510 cups of mixed vegetables to make 1,000 quarts of beef barley soup. Each quart of soup contains the same amount of vegetables. How many cups of vegetables are in each quart soup?

Ratios, rates, proportions
asked 2021-03-09
The local cafe uses 510 cups of mixed vegetables to make 1,000 quarts of beef barley soup. Each quart of soup contains the same amount of vegetables. How many cups of vegetables are in each quart soup?

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since each quart of soup contains the same amount of vegetables and we have information that in 1,000 quarts are 510 cups of mixed vegetables, to find out how many cups are in each quart of soup, notice that we have to fin next quotient:
510 div 1,0000=?
\(510 div 1,000=?510 div 10^3=0.510\)
There are 0.51 cups of vegetables in each quart of soup

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