We need to determine if x-5 is a factor of 2x^{3} - 4x^{2} - 7x - 10

Factors and multiples
asked 2021-01-08
We need to determine if \(x-5\) is a factor of \(2x^{3} - 4x^{2} - 7x - 10\)

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Simply plug in \(x=5\) to the equation I found \(x=5\) by doing this: \((x-5)=0\),
\(x= 5 2(5)^{3}-4(4)^{2}-7(5)-10=0\)
If this is true then \(x-5\) is a factor.
They are not equal so \(x-5\) is not a factor.
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