Two Grade 10 classes write the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. The scores of the two classes are compared to see if there is a difference in m

Comparing two groups
asked 2021-02-16
Two Grade 10 classes write the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. The scores of the two classes are compared to see if there is a difference in mean scores for the two groups. Which type of two-sampled technique should be used to determine if there is a real difference?
A. inferences about two proportions
B. inferences about two means, independent samples
C. inferences about two variances
D. inferences about two standard deviations
E. inferences about two means, matched pairs

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The samples are independent of each other and we are comparing the differences in mean. Hence,
We will use inferences about two means, independent samples.
Finally answer is a inferences about two means, independent samples
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