To find: Miles per gallon based on the information given in

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To find:
Miles per gallon based on the information given in table.

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In the table, the beggining and ending odometer reading is given.
The distance covered/miles driven can be found by subtracting the beginning odometer reading from ending odometer reading.
Thus, miles driven \(\displaystyle={80},{242}-{79},{895}={347}\) miles.
The gallons of gas used is given as 16.1.
First, let's find the fractional form of miles per gallon.
In fractional form, \(\displaystyle{\frac{{{347}{m}{i}\le{s}}}{{{16.1}{g}{a}{l}{l}{o}{n}{s}}}}={\frac{{{21.55}{m}{i}\le{s}}}{{{1}{g}{a}{l}{l}{o}{n}}}}\)
Rounding 21.55 to the nearest tenth: 21:6
The above unit rate can be written as 21.6 miles/gallon which is read as 21.6 miles per gallon.
In tabular form, the above data is represented as:
\(\displaystyle{b}{e}{g}\in{\left\lbrace{a}{r}{r}{a}{y}\right\rbrace}{\left\lbrace{\left|{c}\right|}{c}{\mid}\right\rbrace}{h}{l}\in{e}\text{Beginning Odometer Reading}&\text{Ending Odometer Reading}&\text{Miles Driven}&\text{Gallons of Gas Used}&\text{Miles per Gallon (round to the nearest tenth)}\backslash{h}{l}\in{e}{79},{895}&{80},{242}&{347}&{16.1}&{21.6}\backslash{h}{l}\in{e}{e}{n}{d}{\left\lbrace{a}{r}{r}{a}{y}\right\rbrace}\)
Final solution: The unit rate is 21.6 miles/gallon.
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