Find the exact solution if possible: \log_{3}(x-8)+\log_{3}x=2

melodykap 2021-08-03 Answered
Exponential and Logarithmic Equations Solve the equation. Find the exact solution if possible. otherwise, use a calculator to approximate to two decimals.
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Answered 2021-08-04 Author has 86 answers
Step 1
For solving Exponential Equations:
1) Isolate the exponential expression on one side of the equation.
2) Take the logarithm of each side, then use the Laws of Logarithms to "bring down exponent".
3) Solve for the variable.
Step 2
By the first law of logarithms function,
By the definition of logarithm function,
logax=y ay=x
By the distributive property of multiplication,
x xx8=9
Add 9 on both sides,
Factor x28x9 as (x9)(x+1).
By the zero-factor property,
x9=0 and x+1=0
Add 9 on both sides,
Now taking,
Add 1 on both sides,
Here, we neglect x=1 because logarithm function cannot be negative.
Thus, the exact solution is x=9.
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