Important Questions for SSC CGL-Tier I 2014

Hello all, as we all know SSC CGL Tier I exam dates are coming closer, everyone is trying to practice more and more so that they can go through all types of questions at least once. Therefore, today I'm going to discuss some important questions for SSC CGL. I hope this would help you to practice more and something which is very much related to SSC CGL.

General Intelligence and Reasoning

1. If  'A' stands for '-' , 'B' stands for '+', 'C' stands for `/` and `D` stands for `X`, then what is the value of following equation? (BODMAS rule will not be applicable)

26 B 37 D 2 C 6 A 1 

Solution: This type of question is very important and scoring because solution is very simple, you just need to be quick . You should not take more than 1 min to solve this question.

26 B 37 D 2 C 6 A 1
⇒ 26 + 37 `times` 2 `/` 6 - 1
⇒ 20

2. Select the related word/ letter from given alternatives:

Moon: Satellite :: Earth: ?

a) Sun
b) Planet
c) Solar system
d) Round

Solution: In these types of questions, there is relationship between first combination and there should be same relationship between next combination.

Moon is a Satellite and
Earth is a planet

Therefore, answer is b).

3.  Select the related word/ letter from given alternatives:

BH : JP :: FL : ?

Solution: The relationship between first combination is as follows:

Therefore, answer is NT.

4. A man walks 10 meters south. Then turning to his right he walks 10 meters. Turning to his left, he walks 5 meters. Again turns to his left and walks 10 meters . How far is he from his initial position.

Solution: In this question, you just need to make a directional movements quickly, and you'll come to know the answer.
Lets see how!

Therefore, answer is 15 meters.

5. In the diagram, square represents social worker, triangle represents employed and circle represents truthful. Which numbered area represents Employed, Truthful social worker?

Solution: Employed Truthful social worker = Intersection of these three shapes i.e. 3
Therefore answer is 3.

6. In the following question, there are three statements followed by four conclusions. You  have to consider the statements true and decide which of the conclusion are logically followed by the given statements:

Statements: a. Some exams are tests.
b. No exam is a question.

Conclusions: I. No question is test.
II. Some tests are definitely not exams.


Conclusion I does not follow and Conclusion II follows. 
Therefore, Only Conclusion II follows.

7. There are five girls A, B, C, D ,E in a row. Out of these five, A is standing at the front and E is standing at the end. D stands between A and C. B stands between C and E . Which is in the middle of five?

Solution:Try to solve this question yourself, You will be able to find that 'C' is in the middle of five.

Soon i will update more questions of reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude section.
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  1. I think for question no 6 both the conclusions doesn't follow. I am nt sure but i think.

  2. no + some = some not


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