Mathematical Reasoning True or False? There exist irrational numbers with repeating decimals? There exists a natural number x such that y > x for every naural number y?

asked 2020-11-24
Mathematical Reasoning
True or False?
There exist irrational numbers with repeating decimals?
There exists a natural number x such that \(y\ >\ x\) for every naural number y?

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Step 1
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To find the given statement is true or false,
There exist irrational numbers with repeating decimals.
By definition of rational number,
A number that can be express as a ratio p/q where p and q are integers such that \(q\ \neq\ 0\) is called a rational number.
A number thet can not be expressed as a ratio of two integers is called an irrational number.
Step 2
Let a number with repeating digits, \(x=0.aaaa\ \cdots\) where a is any digit from 1 to 9.
Multiply x by 10 on both sides:
\(10x = a.aaaa\ \cdots\)
Now consider:
\(\Rightarrow\ 10x\ -\ x=a.aaaa\ \cdots\ -\ 0.aaaa\ \cdots\)
\(\Rightarrow\ 9x=a\)
\(\Rightarrow\ x=\ \frac{a}{9}\)
Thus, we can write the repeating decimal number \(x=0.aaaa\ \cdots\ as\ a\ ratio\ z =\ \frac{a}{9}.\)
That means every repeating decimal number is a rational number.
Therefore, the given statement ''There exist irrational numbers with repeating decimals'' is False.

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