What is data modeling? What is its primary tool?

fortdefruitI 2020-10-26 Answered
What is data modeling? What is its primary tool?
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Usamah Prosser
Answered 2020-10-27 Author has 86 answers
Step 1 Data Modeling: Data modeling is the method of generating a data base model for the purpose of keeping the data in a database. In preparing the data base model, the requirements of the concerned users should be considered so that the subsequent database could maintain the views of multiple users. Step 2 The primary tool of the data modeling is given below: Entity relationship (ER) diagram: This diagram shows the relationship between the two entities and the need of preparing the ER diagram is to design the system and relationship among them. The attributes of data also defined by the ER diagram. Therefore, ER diagram is the primary tool for creating the data.

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