Discuss the importance of data modeling.

djeljenike 2020-12-06 Answered
Discuss the importance of data modeling.
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Demi-Leigh Barrera
Answered 2020-12-07 Author has 97 answers

Step 1

Data models can facilitate interaction among the designer, the applications programmer, and the end user.

The Importance of the Data Modelling

Data constitute the most basic information units employed by a system. Applications are created to manage data and to help transform data into information.

But data are viewed in different ways by different people. So that there is a huge importance of data modeling in DBMS.

For example, contrast the (data) view of a company manager with that of a company clerk. Although the manager and the clerk both work for the same company, the manager is more likely to have an enterprise-wide view of company data than the clerk.

Applications programmers have yet another view of data, being more concerned with data location, formatting, and specific reporting requirements.

Basically, applications programmers translate company policies and procedures from a variety of sources into appropriate interfaces, reports, and query screens.

When a good database blueprint is available, it does not matter that an applications programmer’s view of the data is different from that of the manager and/or the end user. Conversely, when a good database blueprint is not available, problems are likely to occur.

For instance, an inventory management program and an order entry system may use conflicting product-numbering schemes, thereby costing the company thousands (or even millions) of dollars. The data model is an abstraction; you cannot draw the required data out of the data model.
Step 2
The aim of data modeling is to establish and to keep the references of all concepts used or applied during succeeding software engineering processes. Engineers must have a common unique reference of the concepts of the domain.

Varying references of concepts causes trouble and puts the whole project to risk. Example:

‘c is const’ was given as axiom..Later, one uses ‘c+v’ or ‘cv’ to calculate sth that refers to objects that were given property ‘speed’ with constant value, namely c.

Ongoing Changes of basic structures during devolopment causes the overall process to cycle and cycle and cycle … Example:

The discussion on special relativity is ongoing sind 111 years. This is because the theory is not sound (not consistent) and allows changes of their main concepts which is (as a intrinsically given schema) adopted by their followers to be allowed.

(The list of effects of missing clear concepts or data structures is very long)

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