What is enterprise data modeling?

Wierzycaz 2020-12-25 Answered
What is enterprise data modeling?
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Answered 2020-12-26 Author has 95 answers
Step 1 A data model is basically a summarized and a analytical model which organizes the elements of data and standardizes in a meaningful way. Enterprise data Model An EDM (Enterprise data model) is basically a kind of data model that summarized and displays a meaningful view of all data consumed in the respective organization. An EDM (Enterprise data model) is generally used for an architectural framework for developing, designing and maintaining the databases. It is one of the first data model which provides the solution for designing developing and maintaining a database. EDM (Enterprise data model) is specifically for the situations where the data-integration-based processes are high, like in operational data stores and warehouses. It is commonly presented in the graphical format. It also helps in database components like entity relationships, XML schemas and data dictionaries. The application of an EDM is related to the hardships of data stewardship and data governance within an organization.
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