Find the levels of the confidence intervals that have the following values of z_{\alpha / 2}: a. z_{\alpha / 2}=1.96 b. z_{\alpha / 2}=

Confidence intervals
asked 2021-06-28

Find the levels of the confidence intervals that have the following values of \(\displaystyle{z}_{{\frac{\alpha}{{2}}}}\):
a. \(\displaystyle{z}_{{\frac{\alpha}{{2}}}}={1.96}\)
b. \(\displaystyle{z}_{{\frac{\alpha}{{2}}}}={2.17}\)
c. \(\displaystyle{z}_{{\frac{\alpha}{{2}}}}={1.28}\)
d. \(\displaystyle{z}_{{\frac{\alpha}{{2}}}}={3.28}\)

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