The stature of men is normally distributed, with a mean of 69.0 inches and a standard deviation of 2.8 inches. The height of women is normally distrib

asked 2021-02-11
The stature of men is normally distributed, with a mean of 69.0 inches and a standard deviation of 2.8 inches. The height of women is normally distributed, with a mean of 63.6 inches and a standard deviation of 2.5 inches. Modeling academy standards require women to be models taller than 66 inches (or 5 feet 6 inches). What percentage of women meet this requirement?

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Step 1 From the given information, the mean of women is 63.6 inches and standard deviation is 2.5 inches. Let X be the height of the women follows normal distribution with \(\mu=63.6\ and\ \sigma=2.5.\) Modeling academy standards require women to be models taller than 66 inches Step 2 The percentage of women meet this requirement is, Percentage \(=P(X\ >\ 66)\times 100\%\)
\(=P\left(\frac{X\ -\ \mu}{\sigma}\ >\ (66\ -\ \mu)\sigma\right)\times 100\%\)
\(=P\left(z\ >\ \frac{66\ -\ 63.6}{2.5}\right)\times 100\%\)
\(=P(z\ >\ 0.96)\times 100\%\)
\(=[1\ -\ P(z\ \leq\ 0.96)]\times 100\%\)
\(=0.1685\times 100\%\) from the excel function, \(=1\ −\ NORM.DIST(0.96,\ 0,\ 1,\ TRUE)\)

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d. State the assumptions upon which the interval in part c is based. Upon which assumptions below is the interval​ based? Select all that apply.

A.The standard deviations of the two populations are approximately equal.

B.The population distribution for each group is approximately normal.

C.The samples from the two groups are independent.

D.The samples from the two groups are random.

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