Understand sine and cosine values on the unit circle Question If the terminal side of angle tt goes through the point (-(5/13),-(12/13) on the unit circle, then what is cos(t)? Provide your answer below: cos(t)=□

Trigonometric equation and identitie
asked 2021-05-31
Understand sine and cosine values on the unit circle Question
If the terminal side of angle tt goes through the point \(\displaystyle{\left(-{\left(\frac{{5}}{{13}}\right)},-{\left(\frac{{12}}{{13}}\right)}\right.}\) on the unit circle, then what is cos(t)?
Provide your answer below: \(\displaystyle{\cos{{\left({t}\right)}}}=□\)

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If the terminal side of angle tt goes through point (x,y)(x,y) on the unit circle, then: \(\displaystyle{\cos{{\left({t}\right)}}}={x}{\quad\text{and}\quad}{\sin{{\left({t}\right)}}}={y}\)
Since \(\displaystyle{x}=-{\left(\frac{{5}}{{13}}\right)}\), then: \(\displaystyle{\cos{{\left({t}\right)}}}=-{\left(\frac{{5}}{{13}}\right)}\)
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(3) -24
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asked 2021-04-02
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