The solutions of nonlinear systems of equations are points that have intersection of ? tapered sections.

Conic sections
asked 2020-12-05
The solutions of nonlinear systems of equations are points that have intersection of ? tapered sections.

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Solution of nonlinear system of equations are the points of intersection of the curve of conic sections. The linear system is one where each equation is linear, it means that each variable in the equation has a power of 1. The graph of the linear equation is a straight line. For example \(2x + 3y = 4\) is linear equation. A system of two or more equations having two or more variables containing at least one equation that is not linear is known as. nonlinear equations system. For example \(xy = 4\) is a nonlinear equation because it cannot be written in the form of \(Ax + By + C = 0\). The graph of nonlinear systems is generally have conic curves where intersection point of the curves are the solution of the system. Therefore, solutions of the nonlinear systems of equations are the points of intersection of the curve of conic sections.

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