Solve for y: (7y+3)/2=((8y+1)/6)+23 Simplify your answer as much as possible.

Probability and combinatorics
asked 2021-05-11
Solve for y: \(\displaystyle\frac{{{7}{y}+{3}}}{{2}}={\left(\frac{{{8}{y}+{1}}}{{6}}\right)}+{23}\)
Simplify your answer as much as possible.

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We are given: \(\displaystyle\frac{{{7}{y}+{3}}}{{2}}={\left(\frac{{{8}{y}+{1}}}{{6}}\right)}+{23}\)
Multiply both sides by the LCD which is 6: \(\displaystyle\frac{{{7}{y}+{3}}}{{2}}{\left({6}\right)}={\left({\left(\frac{{{8}{y}+{1}}}{{6}}\right)}+{23}\right)}{\left({6}\right)}\)
Subtract 9 from both sides: 21y=8y+130
Subtract 8y from both sides: 13y=130
Divie both sides by 13: y=10
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