Is (3,8) a solution to this system of equations?y=7x+8y=x+1-True-False

asked 2021-02-13

Is (3,8) a solution to this system of equations?

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Step 1 : Analysis
Given :
\(y =7x+8\)
Step 2 : Simplification
We have,
If (3,8) is a solution of the system of equations then x=3 and y=8 must satisfy the equation (1) and (2).
Step 3 : Solution
Substituting \(x=3\) and \(y=8\) in the equation (1),
which is an absurd result since \(\displaystyle{8}\neq{29}\)  so (3,8) does not satisfy the equation (1).
Therefore the (3,8) is not a solution to the system of equations.
Answer : False

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