A concentration of 0.5 ppm by volume SO_{2} in the airis harmful to plant life. What is the percent by volume of thisconcentration?

asked 2021-03-10
A concentration of 0.5 ppm by volume \(\displaystyle{S}{O}_{{{2}}}\) in the airis harmful to plant life. What is the percent by volume of thisconcentration?

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Concentration by volume of \(\displaystyle{S}{O}_{{{2}}}\) inair is 0.5ppm which means
0.5ppm= 0.5mg \(\displaystyle{S}{O}_{{{2}}}\) / 1.0 L air
percent by volume = volume of \(\displaystyle{S}{O}_{{{2}}}\) / volume of air *100
to calculate the volume of \(\displaystyle{S}{O}_{{{2}}}\) we need to havethe density since mass is given
V(L) =Mass(g) / Density(g/L)
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