Find the value of the CY flag after the execution ofthe following code. (a)MOV A,#85H ADD A,#92H (b) MOV A,#15H ADD A,#72H (c) MOV A,#0F5H ADD A,#52H (d)MOV A,#0FF INC A

Find the value of the CY flag after the execution ofthe following code. (a)MOV A,#85H ADD A,#92H (b) MOV A,#15H ADD A,#72H (c) MOV A,#0F5H ADD A,#52H (d)MOV A,#0FF INC A

asked 2021-02-28
Find the value of the CY flag after the execution ofthe following code.
(a)MOV A,#85H
ADD A,#92H
(b) MOV A,#15H
ADD A,#72H
(c) MOV A,#0F5H
ADD A,#52H
(d)MOV A,#0FF

Answers (1)

The Carry flag(CY) is set to 1 when there is carry from addition or borrow from substraction operation so
The Value Carry flag(CY) after the execution of given instructions is as follows
(a) CY = 1. because theresult from addition of 85H and 92H exceedesthe 8-bit.
(b) CY = 0. because thereis no carry out from addition operation.
(c) CY = 1. because there is acarry(5) from addition of F5H and 52H.
(d) CY = 0. the value ofaccumulator is FFH(255) is incrementing the value causes to resetto 0. but note that the Carry Flag is NOT set when the value "rollsover" from 255 to 0.
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