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asked 2020-12-03

The skateboarder in the drawing starts down the left side fthe ramp with an initial speed of 5.4 m/s. If nonconservativeforces, such as kinetic friction and air resistance, arenegligible, what would be the height h of the highestpoint reached by the skateboarder on the right side of the ramp?

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Well, first you must realize that the speed whilst leaving theramp is going to be the same as the start because there is nochange in height. Knowing that, it will be the same type ofproblem as someone jumping in the air. So...
(where v=final velocity, \(\displaystyle{v}_{{0}}=\) starting velocity, a=acceleration,d= displacement)
d) 1.487755... m = d [using significantfigures] d=1.5 m
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