asked 2021-01-23

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If the question is to find the zeros of the function, then here is the answer.
We have \(x^{4}(x^{2}−3)^{6}\sin^{2}8x=0\) only when
\(x^{4}=0, or, x^{2}-3)^{6}=0, or, sin^{2}8x=0\)
This is equivalent to
\(x=0, or, x^{2}-3 = 0, or, \sin8x=0\)
We know that sine function is zero for angles nπ,nπ, where nn is an integer. Therefore, we get
\(x=0, or, x=\pm\sqrt3, or, x = \frac{8}{n\pi}.\)
If you need more explanation, or wanted something else then feel free to leave a comment. I will update the answer accordingly. ​

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