Students score on a biology test is an example of which scale of measurement?

Analyzing categorical data
asked 2020-11-08
Students score on a biology test is an example of which scale of measurement?

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Step 1
If the test scores are in numeric values, the scale of measurement is "Scale".
Step 2
the level of measurements is of four types viz, Scale, Interval, Ordinal & Nominal. the Levels Scale and Interval are for numeric data and the levels ordinal and nominal are for categorical data.

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Select the best suitable answer. If none of the choices represents a correct answer, select “Other” and write your own answer. The school cafeteria collects data on students’ juice box selections. This is an example of
A numerical, ordinal data.
B numerical, nominal data.
C categorical, ordinal data.
D categorical, nominal data.
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True or False
1.The goal of descriptive statistics is to simplify, summarize, and organize data.
2.A summary value, usually numerical, that describes a sample is called a parameter.
3.A researcher records the average age for a group of 25 preschool children selected to participate in a research study. The average age is an example of a statistic.
4.The median is the most commonly used measure of central tendency.
5.The mode is the best way to measure central tendency for data from a nominal scale of measurement.
6.A distribution of scores and a mean of 55 and a standard deviation of 4. The variance for this distribution is 16.
7.In a distribution with a mean of M = 36 and a standard deviation of SD = 8, a score of 40 would be considered an extreme value.
8.In a distribution with a mean of M = 76 and a standard deviation of SD = 7, a score of 91 would be considered an extreme value.
9.A negative correlation means that as the X values decrease, the Y values also tend to decrease.
10.The goal of a hypothesis test is to demonstrate that the patterns observed in the sample data represent real patterns in the population and are not simply due to chance or sampling error.
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The Kroger Company is one of the largest grocery retailers in the United States, with over 2000 grocery stores across the country. Kroger uses an online customer opinion questionnaire to obtain performance data about its products and services and learn about what motivates its customers (Kroger website, April 2012). In the survey, Kroger customers were asked if they would be willing to pay more for products that had each of the following four characteristics.
The four questions were: Would you pay more for:
products that have a brand name?
products that are environmentally friendly?
products that are organic?
products that have been recommended by others?
For each question, the customers had the option of responding Yes if they would pay more or No if they would not pay more.
a. Are the data collected by Kroger in this example categorical or quantitative?
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For each of the following variables, indicate whether they are categorical or numerical. Also, write down what type of graph can be drawn for each.
a) Position of a university staff members.
b) Weight of participants.
C Air temperature on the Celsius scale
D) The daily number of code lines written by a programmer
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Indicate whether the following variables are categorical or numerical? If they are numerical, state whether they are discrete or continuous.
(a) The price of randomly selected sweaters in a department store.
(b) The first three digits of the social security number of randomly selected US residents. The eye color of randomly selected Columbia students.
(c) The number of views of randomly selected YouTube videos. The speed of randomly selected cars on Broadway.
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The Bureau of Transportation Statistics Omnibus Household Survey is conducted annually and serves as an information source for the U.S. Department of Transportation. In one part of the survey the person being interviewed was asked to respond to the following statement: "Drivers of motor vehicles should be allowed to talk on a hand-held cell phone while driving." Possible responses were strongly agree, some what agree, some what disagree, and strongly disagree. Forty-four respondents said that they strongly agree with this statement, 120 said that they some what agree, 165 said they some what disagree, and 755 said they strongly disagree with this statement.
Do the responses for this statement provide categorical or quantitative data?
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The school cafeteria collects data on students’ juice box selections. What type of data are these?
1.categorical, nominal data
2.numerical, discrete data
3.categorical, ordinal data
4.numerical, continuous data
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Which statement best characterizes the definitions of categorical and quantitative data?
Quantitative data consist of numbers, whereas categorical data consist of names and labels that are not numeric.
Quantitative data consist of numbers representing measurements or counts, whereas categorical data consist of names or labels
Quantitative data consist of values that can be arranged in order, whereas categorical data consist of values that cannot be arranged in order.
Quantitative data have an uncountable number of possible values, whereas categorical data have a countable number of possible values.
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Let N(x) be the statement “x has visited North India,” where the domain consists of the students in your section. Express each of these quantifications in English. \(\displaystyle{a}{)}∃{x}{N}{\left({x}\right)},{b}{)}∀{x}{N}{\left({x}\right)},{c}{)}¬∃{x}{N}{\left({x}\right)},{d}{)}∃{x}¬{N}{\left({x}\right)},{e}{)}¬∀{x}{N}{\left({x}\right)},{f}{)}∀{x}¬{N}{\left({x}\right)}\)
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For the chi-square tests in the analysis of categorical data, the rejection region always located in the lower tail of the distribution. always equally split in the two tails of the distribution. always located in the upper tail of the distribution.
4.depends on the probability of a type II error.