Jenna's garden is 5 yards long. How long is her garden in feet? A 60 feet B 15 feet C 8 feet D 2 feet

Jenna's garden is 5 yards long. How long is her garden in feet? A 60 feet B 15 feet C 8 feet D 2 feet

Algebra foundations
asked 2021-02-20
Jenna's garden is 5 yards long. How long is her garden in feet? A 60 feet B 15 feet C 8 feet D 2 feet

Answers (1)

Since 1 yard = 3 feet, then 5 yards = \(\displaystyle{5}×{3}={155}×{3}={15}\) feet. So, the answer is B.

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a)2(x + 3) (x - 5)
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