To find:The number of mini-marshmallows in one serving of Swiss Miss Chocolate bix using the expression {3}+{2}timesfrac{4}{{2}}-{3}times{7}-{4}+{47}.

To find:The number of mini-marshmallows in one serving of Swiss Miss Chocolate bix using the expression {3}+{2}timesfrac{4}{{2}}-{3}times{7}-{4}+{47}.

Math Word Problem
asked 2021-03-09
To find:The number of mini-marshmallows in one serving of Swiss Miss Chocolate bix using the expression \({3}+{2}\times\frac{4}{{2}}-{3}\times{7}-{4}+{47}\).

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Concept: Modeling is a method of simulating the real life situations with mathematical equations. Using these models we can forecast the future behavior. We can translate the mathematical word problem into a math expression using variables.
2) If grouping symbols such as parentheses, square brackets, absolute value bars, or fraction bars are present, begin as follows.
Step 1 Work separately above and below each fraction bar.
Step 2 Use the rules below within each set of parentheses or square brackets. Start with the innermost set and work outward.
If no grouping symbols are present, follow these steps.
Step 1 Simplify all powers and roots. Work from left to right.
Step 2 Do any multiplications or divisions in order. Work from left to right.
Step 3 Do any negations, additions, or subtractions in order. Work from left to right.
Given that
The number of mini marshmallows \(={3}+{2}\times\frac{4}{{2}}-{3}\times{7}-{4}+{47}\)
=3+4-21-4 +47 (Multiplication)
= 54 — 25 (Addition and subtraction)
= 29 (subtraction)
Final statement:
Therefore, 29 mini marshmallows are used in one serving.

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