Whether confounding is an issue with this study or not.

Study design
asked 2021-02-11
Whether confounding is an issue with this study or not.

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In the study, design firm uses one page in Denver area and the second page in Miami area. It is possible that one area may be cold and the other may be sunny. People usually use hardware in the sunny season. Therefore, the visiting time and money spent by a visitor will be high in the sunny area.
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1.An investigator wants to assess whether the use of a specific medication given to infants born prematurely is associated with developmental delay. Infants who were born prematurely are recruited and followed for 2-years.
Some of the infants were given the medication at birth and others were not. All infants will undergo extensive testing at age 2 to assess various aspects of development.
What type of study design: The Case Report/Case Series, The Cross-Sectional Survey, The Cohort Study, The Case Control Study, The Nested Case-Control Study, The Randomized Controlled Trial or The Crossover Trial?
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asked 2021-06-24
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asked 2021-02-12
Whether the given study depicts an observational study or a designed experiment and to identify the response variable.
The study is conducted to compare the battery lives of a brand-name battery and a generic plain-label battery in digital cameras. For this purpose, 30 digital cameras are randomly selected and divided into 2 groups, one of the groups uses the brand-name battery while the other one uses the generic plain-label battery. In both the cameras, pictures are taken under identical conditions by keeping all variables, except the battery-type, in control.

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