Given two rectangles: 15m by 7m and 27m by 3m. Find the combined area.

Given two rectangles: 15m by 7m and 27m by 3m. Find the combined area.

Analytic geometry
asked 2021-03-02
Given two rectangles: 15m by 7m and 27m by 3m. Find the combined area.

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Where a and b are the sides of the rectangle:
Substitute A=ab:
Substitute the given:

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A circle is inscribed in a right triangle. The length of the radius of the circle is 6 cm, and the length of the hypotenuse is 29 cm. Find the lengths of the two segments of the hypotenuse that are determined by the point of tangency.
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The dominant form of drag experienced by vehicles (bikes, cars,planes, etc.) at operating speeds is called form drag. Itincreases quadratically with velocity (essentially because theamount of air you run into increase with v and so does the amount of force you must exert on each small volume of air). Thus
where A is the cross-sectional area of the vehicle and \(\displaystyle{C}_{{d}}\) is called the coefficient of drag.
Part A:
Consider a vehicle moving with constant velocity \(\displaystyle\vec{{{v}}}\). Find the power dissipated by form drag.
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The top speed is limited by air drag.
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Two oppositely charged but otherwise identical conducting plates of area 2.50 square centimeters are separated by a dielectric 1.80 millimeters thick, with a dielectric constant of K=3.60. The resultant electric field in the dielectric is \(\displaystyle{1.20}\times{10}^{{6}}\) volts per meter.
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A 1200kg pick up truck traveling south at 15m/s collides witha 750kg car traveling east. The two vehicles stick together. Thefinal position of the wreckage after the collision is 25m, atan angle of 50 south of east, from the point of impact. If thecoefficient of friction between the tires and the road, from thelocation of the collision to the point at which the wreckage comesto rest is 0.4, what was the speed of the car just before thecollision?
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Find an equation of the plane passing through the three points given. P = (2, 0, 0), Q = (0, 4, 0), R = (0, 0, 2)