Find the velocity in rad/sec if the wheel is completing: 1. 500 rev/sec 2. 300 rev/sec

Find the velocity in rad/sec if the wheel is completing: 1. 500 rev/sec 2. 300 rev/sec

asked 2021-02-11
Find the velocity in rad/sec if the wheel is completing:
1. 500 rev/sec
2. 300 rev/sec

Answers (1)

To convert, remember that
1 rev \(\displaystyle={2}\times\pi\) rad
1. \(\displaystyle{500}\times{2}\pi={1000}\pi\)
\(\displaystyle\approx{3141.6}\) rad/sec
2. \(\displaystyle{300}\times{2}\pi={600}\pi\)
\(\displaystyle\approx{1884}\) rad/sec

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