Whether the given study depicts an observational study or a designed experiment.

Khaleesi Herbert 2021-02-03 Answered
Whether the given study depicts an observational study or a designed experiment.
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Answered 2021-02-04 Author has 94 answers
Given info:
A study was conducted to observe the number of sexual innuendos and curse words between the two groups of movies namely PG-13 and PG. For this study the researcher had taken randomly selected 25 PG-13 movies and 25 PG movies.
Observational study: An observational study measures the values of a variable without influencing the values of response variables and explanatory variables. Thus, in observational study, researchers can observe the behaviors of the individuals without influencing the outcome of that study.
Designed experiment: In a designed experimental study, researchers allocate individuals to a certain group under study and change the values of an explanatory variable intentionally. After this, the values of the response variable for each group are recorded.
Researchers (parent group) do not allocate the individual movies into some group of study and the researchers do not control the explanatory variable.
Thus, this study is not a designed experiment.
The given study is conducted such that no attempt has been made to influence the value of the explanatory variable. Researchers only study the number of sexual innuendos and curse words that occur in each movie.
Therefore, the researchers simply recorded the measurements without influencing the individuals of the study.
Thus, the given study is an observational study.
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