Whether the given study depicts an observational study or a designed experiment and to identify the response variable. The study is conducted to compa

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asked 2021-02-12
Whether the given study depicts an observational study or a designed experiment and to identify the response variable.
The study is conducted to compare the battery lives of a brand-name battery and a generic plain-label battery in digital cameras. For this purpose, 30 digital cameras are randomly selected and divided into 2 groups, one of the groups uses the brand-name battery while the other one uses the generic plain-label battery. In both the cameras, pictures are taken under identical conditions by keeping all variables, except the battery-type, in control.

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Observational Study: An observational study measures the values of a variable without influencing the values of response variables and explanatory variables. Thus, in an observational study, researchers can observe the behaviors of the individuals without influencing the outcome of that study.
Designed experiment: In a designed experimental study, the researchers allocate individuals to a certain group under study and change the values of an explanatory variable intentionally, after which, the values of the response variable for each group is recorded.
The 2 battery-types are the 2 treatments provided to the cameras (individuals), which are influenced intentionally, under a controlled setting and the battery-lives noted for each individual. Hence, the study is a designed experiment.
Response variable: The focus of a question in a study of the experiment is response variable, where one is interested to make measurements and form conclusions about it.
The focus of the experiment is a comparison between the ‘battery-lives’ of two types of batteries, which are measured in the experiment. Hence, the battery life is the response variable.
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