Six congruent rectangular prisms volume can be modeled by V(x) below. V(x)=54x^3+264x^2-738x+420

Six congruent rectangular prisms volume can be modeled by V(x) below. V(x)=54x^3+264x^2-738x+420

Solid Geometry
asked 2021-03-07
Six congruent rectangular prisms volume can be modeled by V(x) below.

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Since there are 6 rectangular prisms, we can factor out 6 from the polynomial:
So, the volume of one rectangular prism is:

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Let \(u=\begin{bmatrix}2 \\ 5 \\ -1 \end{bmatrix} , v=\begin{bmatrix}4 \\ 1 \\ 3 \end{bmatrix} \text{ and } w=\begin{bmatrix}-4 \\ 17 \\ -13 \end{bmatrix}\) It can be shown that \(4u-3v-w=0\). Use this fact (and no row operations) to find a solution to the system \(4u-3v-w=0\) , where
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The postulate or theorem that can be used to prove each pair of triangles congruent.
The given figure is: