At the end of the summer, a family bought a chair cost $65 and a table cost $189. They need to pay 6.5 % sales tax. How much they must pay for sales tax?

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asked 2021-02-27
At the end of the summer, a family bought a chair cost $65 and a table cost $189. They need to pay 6.5 % sales tax. How much they must pay for sales tax?

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To find the sales tax, multiply the sum of the costs by 6.5% or 0.065:

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\(\displaystyle{b}{e}{g}\in{\left\lbrace{a}{r}{r}{a}{y}\right\rbrace}{\left\lbrace{\left|{c}\right|}{c}{\mid}\right\rbrace}{h}{l}\in{e}\text{Store}&\ \text{ Original Price of Aquarium (\$)}\backslash{h}{l}\in{e}\text{Pets Plus}&{118}\backslash{h}{l}\in{e}\text{Pet Planet}&{110}\backslash{h}{l}\in{e}{e}{n}{d}{\left\lbrace{a}{r}{r}{a}{y}\right\rbrace}\)
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7% sales tax on a $156.00 camera
sales tax:
total cost:
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A. $20
B. $45
C. $60
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