A plane intersects the center of a spere with a volume of about 11.3 m3. What is the area of the cross-section? Round to the nearest tenth.

A plane intersects the center of a spere with a volume of about 11.3 m3. What is the area of the cross-section? Round to the nearest tenth.

Solid Geometry
asked 2021-02-25
A plane intersects the center of a spere with a volume of about 11.3 m3. What is the area of the cross-section? Round to the nearest tenth.

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area = 115 m2

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The dominant form of drag experienced by vehicles (bikes, cars,planes, etc.) at operating speeds is called form drag. Itincreases quadratically with velocity (essentially because theamount of air you run into increase with v and so does the amount of force you must exert on each small volume of air). Thus
where A is the cross-sectional area of the vehicle and \(\displaystyle{C}_{{d}}\) is called the coefficient of drag.
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Consider a vehicle moving with constant velocity \(\displaystyle\vec{{{v}}}\). Find the power dissipated by form drag.
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A vertical cylinder of cross-sectional area \(\displaystyle{0.050}{m}^{{2}}\) is fitted with a tight-fitting, frictionless pistionof mass 5.0 kg. If there are 3.0 mol of ideal gas in the cylinderat 500 K, determine the height "h" at which the postion will be inequilibrium.
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